Oh, My God...You Are Awesome!

You love me unconditionally,

Even when I do not fully understand things.

One day I hope to become your angel, fly up with my wings.

I love how you always have a plan,

For me you died,

Because I lied, complained, or became angry.

I love how you always relieve the pain in me,

My heart, my soul

Oh, Lord your love and patience never grows old.

Even when I mess up

You give me another chance to make it right.

I love how you answer when I call on you day, noon, or night.

Oh, my sins are sometimes like an overrunning cup.

But you still find it in your heart to love me anyway

Even though sometimes I forget to pray

Or even thank you for another unpromised day.

And when my so called friends didn't stick around,

They just talked behind my back

You took them out of my life, so I was no longer bound.

Now I see why you did because they lacked,

Honesty and Respect, and positive thinking.

All they tried to do was stop me from dreaming.

But no matter how hard life was thrown at me

I am still here because of your grace and mercy.

The sky's the limit when I am dreaming

Thank you for always taking the negative people off my team and,

Because of you I know I can be whoever or whatever I want to be,

Thank you God, Everything you do is awesome to me.

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