Oh, The Love of Poetry

The best things in life are unseen,

That’s why knowledge is considered a part of the American dream.

Knowledge is powerful,

Knowledge is beautiful,

Knowledge is what every person wishes for,

I for one, just keep craving more and more.

But where does this knowledge come from?

How do we recognize true knowledge when it comes?

My knowledge came from a source that taught me how to love;

A source that captures your heart and sores above.

This source has taught me how to express myself,

Instead of hiding out and storing my emotions on a shelf.

What’s this special source?

Nothing else but poetry of course!

Poetry has changed my life!

It’s made it surprisingly easier to deal with social strife.

I’ve gained knowledge on how deal with depression,

And I’ve been provided emotional protection

Poetry helped me learn who I was

Opened up eyes to the importance of being different and not doing what everyone else does

Reading and writing it has made me stronger

And has made my stress stay away longer

Poetry has given me knowledge about many things

After becoming familiar with this beautiful source of knowledge, I’ve grown a new pair of wings


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