Oh, let me marry

Tue, 01/17/2017 - 13:30 -- Token

Oh, let me marry

Give me the rights of love

Oh, be merciful God

I beg thee for guidance from above

I've tried too long to ignore the signs

That another revolution has come to surmise

Oh Lord, Am I the one to reveal the true wolves in disguise


So I am

I am called to lead the souls of those who give a damn 

We march in the name of Love

Our weapons are Hope and Peace 

We've come to spread the will of God

That marriage should be given unto all and unto me


You have condoned a woman

To marry a tree

And likewise you condoned a man

To exchange vows with a building

And now we want rights

To marry human souls

For the angels have no gender

And we will be them one day, don't you know


And if you say they neither marry

I know that what you say it true

But the ring on your finger says

"I don't follow the will I inflict on you" 

So maybe we need to force thee

Bind the rope about thy neck

And force thee to sign the Magna Carta 

Of love between the same sex 



This poem is about: 
Our world



This is one of the most touching, strong and beautiful poems that I have ever read.

Santirece Jackson

I absolutely love this! It's amazing. <3


This is so beautiful!!!! And relatable.

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