Thu, 01/31/2019 - 20:21 -- shy1103

There has been dark days 

we all had bad times 

most of us truly just wanna run 

in our own shadows away,

away from all the pain 

most us would love to 

just love to go back into

what we call time 

and take it all away 


Me, you , us , the world

we all have secrets we wanna share 

but when we open our mouths 

the fear of the truth devours us 

from the inside out 

we feel the tears to begin running  down our face 

our cheeks turn all bright red 

then only then 

were are truly all out of breath 


Many people say 

you should get help from a psychiatrist but for what 

to get the same look from just from another person 

the look that you look like when you start to 

do what people do best judge a book by its cover 

or to hear the whisper of others behind your back the echo , 

oh the echo just like a song your mother used to sing to you

its just another person to push you over the edge 

to tell you what to do what to say how to act 

trying to make you perfect 


They say 

perfect is having all the best qualities or characteristics

well that's not me 

nor will it ever be 

i don't wanna fix it 

oh no i don't

imperfection is my name 

'' oh imperfection is my name ''

and that only that will never change 



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Our world
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