Oh He

Oh he oh my
Boy with blue eyes
Hair like straw with
A heart made like glass
Wake me wake me
From my concious
Oh he oh my
For there is fire in the air
Stars in my eyes
For his touch oh me
Quite gentle oh my
In my room my bed
My life has had unrest
Within my solitude
He approaches
Oh he oh my
Boy with blue eyes
Different thoughts
Temperatures too
For when I wake in the morning
He is the morning dew
I have not the same concious
Nor the same thoughts
My heart beams
No more screams
No more depth
No more thoughts
Lack of hatred
Lack of green
Oh the things I've seen
But that boy
Oh he oh my
That boy with blue eyes

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I made this while I was thinking of someone extremely significant to my life right now and I hope you enjoyed.

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