Oh Great America

Oh great America,

I should be proud,

As a young black girl,

My black women,

My black men and children are falling down,

Over 500 years of oppression aggression and discrimination are still found,

With every gun that gets drawn,

And every body that hits the ground,

Oh great America,

Please hear me loud,

Though brought here in chains,

My people still found their sound,

Over thirteen lashes,

I mean stripes with bloodshed,


Their whips ripped away at our flesh,

Oh great America,

I see your flaws,

Everyday there's someone different,

Suffering with no justice found within these laws,

I pray I don't get stopped,

And become the next victim,

I pray my brother never has to fall victim to the system,

Oh great America,

Are you so great?

People living in vain,

Hearts fueled with hate,

Oh great America,

Please hear my words,

Stop all the violence,

We can fight with words,

One day it will get better,

Those words are filled with hope,

Just have to stay positive,

And always remember the goal,

Oh great America,

You're not so great.

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My country
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