Oh Father, Please Father...Oh Mother, Thank You Mother

                                       Broken Bottles, Angry Feelings, Stupis Actions, Call The Cops, Fight. A Little Girl Who's Scared To Sleep At Night. Feeling Neglected and Feeling Alone, Broken Inside But Still Has Hope...Father, Please..Father, Don't Lie, Don't Act Like Everythings Alright. New Years Eve, Drunk Again, Runaway, Runway Take Me Somewhwere Far Away, All Is Good...Or So It Seemed...Home, Blood Stains, Broken Glass, Unstable Emotions, No Relationship. Oh Father, Please Father.                                                                                                                                                        Angry Feelings, Stupid Actions and Light at The End Of Road. Oh Mother Thank You Mother. ''Are You Blind?!'' She Yells. Do You Not Care? For The Love Of Your Daughters, A Threat, and Realization, A Light and Things Are Restored, However, Memories Never Seem To Fade. Oh Mother Thank You Mother                                    


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