Oh Dad

Sunshine, blue water, white sands, tropical island,

oh my...

a dream vacation, no a nightmarish disaster!

Stranded, not one other person, except my dad,

oh thank god...

my dad, the one peron in my life I trust to keep us alive!

So, how will we survive, no water, no food, no shelter,

oh hell...

we might die, please Dad, I need you more than ever!

Shelter first, gather leaves, break branches, weave a roof,

oh why...

we need protection fom the elements, or we might perish!

Start looking for berries, coconuts, anything we can eat,

oh please...

the weakness I already feel, Dad I need food and water!

Sleep, we must sleep unndr the black night sky,

oh peace...

sweet dreams, no nightmares, awful images, I can't sleep!

Singing, my dad's soft sounds soothe me,

oh wait...

I have my dad, and he is all I need to survive!

This poem is about: 
My family


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