Oh Anika..

Oh little Anika.

You have dealt with crap.

You have been ripped of your innocence,

With social statuses

social quotas, social pressure,

Oh and did I forget social media?

Yet you still fail to learn.

Of course it will take a little while.

You’ll soon find to love yourself.

Better yet, you’ll soon find to love others

Without jealousy

Without comparison.

You will try your hardest to spread love.

But the pitiful fact that our world is no longer

A loving place without the pollution of the fumes created within us

Oh teenage Anika.

You wish to do more.

Who cares what the social statuses,

Social quotas, Social Pressure are

You have to deal with greater change.

To make our world a greater innocence again.

So we can deal with less crap.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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