Odysseus's fame

Odyssues roamed around the streets of brooklyn
The smell of the breeze was where he was secured in
Excluding the familiarness he was utterly lost
Just when he passed a coterie of teens he thought
It would be better if he asked his soroundings for information
So he went to them and asked in frustration
"Greetings, children prithee helo me"
"Bro, what is he sayin" said the teen
The others gathered around him
Staring at his ragged garmet in the dim
"I was't hath lost at flote but anon I am h're"
The kids took out their smartphones and started to record
His peculiar apperance and launguage, unheard
" who are you" a kid yelled still recording
"I the god of.." he stopped at the howling and laughing
He walked away from the confusion
Everone, too distracted to realize his disappearance
After days, social media bursted from videos of an unknown man
His ragged clothes unique appearance like superman
Too in love people became big fans
"I need him for this new movie" yelled a producer
"He can be the main character" shouted a director
"Who is this man people look for nonstop" donald trump asked
"He, the god of..something," his guard said fast
"Guess we should invite him to the white house"
President declared in the house
"Why though"
"Seems like a wise man, oh"
"Might be a joke though"
"Well you never know"
Too many people in search of Odysseus
He seems too mysterious
No one was aware of where he's gone
No body knew where this part of his story's gone
No body know's he's returned to his wife back in ithaca
After a big tragedy living happily ever after

This poem is about: 
Our world


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