Ode To Women

red faced offender...

whistle toned disrespect stapled to my thighs,, left from before,,
no, this is not your invite.

personally,, strangers,, so...
rules thrown out the window,,
stomped on,,
ablaze in tear filled eyes,,
I Collect Books.

I'm sorry,, you didn't know?
this just goes to show that maybe you should extend your vocabulary...

"Nice ass girl.
Can I get a flash girl,, No?
Let me refill your glass girl."

let me treat you like a piece of meat while I satisfy my need...

morals are unknown here.
ask for the reply of,,
"who's she? what's it take to get her on her...
breasts look great in her blouse,, she's fifteen?
I only look,, I would never take her back to my house..."

of secrets never told,, but carved into my thighs,,
inevitably covered by...

red faced offender,,
can you even see me?

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world
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This poem is dedicated road the group of guys who used to cat call me on my way to work when I was only seventeen. Thank you for being rude, disgusting humans and inspiring this poem.

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