Ode to Sylvia


I close my eyes, the light of day goes dead.

The whisp’ring voices prey upon my fear.

They tick and click and cry and caw and toil.

The daunting men do hiss inside my head,

They’re closing in, their calls are what I hear-

They speak of me, I fear my mortal coil.

Turn off my thoughts and all the world drops dead-

(The sinew of my gut is undulate)

-God’s fallen from my sight; Hell’s snare has flared,

 My skull’s a cage, I fall from purebred.

Doomed that I am, my mind is “ruminate”---

---My scalp’s a gaping mouth: teeth wide and bared.

I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead,

And I along, to flee the words unsaid. 

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