Ode to Rumi


 “Knock, And He'll make you open the door

Vanish, And He'll make you shine like Sun

Fall, And He'll raise you to the heavens

Become nothing, And He'll turn you into everything.”

Oh Rumi, the Solomon, how you inspire the love, light

and laughter in life. You say,“There is a candle in your

heart, ready to be kindled.

There is a void in your soul, ready

to be filled. You feel it, don't you?” Yes!

Yes! Rumi, the words of which you speak, of wisdom and of truth,

sing to me as my soul swiftly sweeps through

the Universe as a cloud would float over

swishing seas. Her Roses

symbolize life in each and

every way. At times life, like petals, is

so beautiful and my soul so content! Others, like thorns.

Ouch! Very bitter and--I must confess,

in my quest,I feel depressed and out

of such rest. Then I think to myself, “Do not

worry, my love. The entire Universe

is inside of you ready to burst and grant you the

compassion and love in life in which I believe

is a right!” I imagine myself being enlightened

by the Tree- my soul evoked by peace and joy in which my

life is finally enjoyed by you, Rumi.



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