Ode To Pizza

Thu, 06/05/2014 - 09:38 -- smc837


Ode To Pizza

Fresh out of the oven, put in a box

On my door the pizza delivery guy knocks

I tip the kind man for he delivers joy 

The box is still warm, making me feel coy.


I have set my napkin and paper plate

Knowing this pizza would not be late

I slowly open the lid to reveal

The delicasy that can my heart heal


The cheese streaches not wanting to leave

It makes it to my plate pepperoni in its weave

I pick up, gentle as if brushing away my lovers hair

And feel the slow spreading, sweet, spicy air. 


The greasy dew slides down my fingers 

On my tongue the delicate flavor lingers

Before I know it I am left with a box

From which came love as the delivery guy knocked


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