ode to my lover

Sat, 12/25/2021 - 10:34 -- eggx

kiss me kiss me like the blue- fur blanket that swirls around my toes

this comfortable warmth of 

familiar in this tuesday night that 

kisses me kisses me 

on the brow of my sweaty forehead 

this school night without the cut of a certain letter that 

kisses me kiss me 

with the dread of the days to come a

song to the here and now but also the 




kisses me kiss me like i can be desired

by something 

someone but now it is 

you and our favorite sitcom 

and then it will somebody else’s sitcom and somebody else’s deadline 

and i will kiss you kiss you 

through the lens of memory that hasn’t formed yet 

through the me that doesn’t exist 


and now kiss me kiss me like it’s second nature like something causal 

so i’ll forget what i am thinking 

and be brought back to 

this still 

ordinary night with my 

hand held in yours 

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