Ode to the Melancholy

Tue, 02/26/2019 - 05:34 -- Nevamor

Ahh.. what draws people like us to the horror? Edgar knew. He knew so much he drank himself to death and ended up in a ditch.

That is not for certain however, who knows what truly happened? The one's that get to close to that looming red horned evil bastard fall to his power sometimes. "Deep into that darkness pearing.. long I stood there.. wondering.. fearing.. doubting.." EAP hit it on the nose there. How long can you stare into the abyss before it takes you as well? Sorry Nietzche, I bit that one from you too. He was not wrong when he said "God is dead" he or rather "she" is not dead. The idea of "god" is dead. Like it or not brothers and sisters we are our own gods, our own guiding lights. That is terryfing, I feel your pain, it is okay. Believe in what your heart desires without true evil and Carl Jung while take care of the rest.

Snychronisity is what happens in the background while you are not paying attention.

Believe. It is real.

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Our world


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