Ode to Maya Angelou

Tue, 06/05/2018 - 23:29 -- sa130

I remember it well, that day when I was nine

Proud and naive, and besotted with new words

I thought I was a master crafter of art uniquely mine

But then I read this poem, and in me something stirred

From then on I never forgot those lines.

I couldn't comprehend what lay beneath my eyes

This made my poetry seem pasted and glued together

It soothed all my thoughts, it echoed in my mind "I rise, still I rise"

To Maya's siren song my heart has been tethered

And now I crave my own diamond thighs.

She gives voice to weak and those who lost their light

She burns with her own sun and calls others to do the same

With these words I have vowed to learn the freedom of flight

And with these words I have rekindled my own inner flame

For truth is the ink in Maya's pen as she writes.

So take your pain and weave it into a new shiny layer

Take the scorn and compose it into a lullaby

In your game of life you are the only worthwhile player

Let your own beauty out like rays breaking apart the skies

Together, with Maya, let's rise rise rise

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