Ode to Insignificance

Life is worth living because of these.


  Strum of coastal breeze,

sugary and smooth,

      lock of hair that flits

away from my face.


             Rustle of leaves, slight and drifting,

         trace of rosemary perfume, tearing apart



Whistle of birds at midnight,

     flicker of campfire flame,

            spitting cherry pits in a bowl.


 Paradoxical summer rain.

       Puddles, catching tadpoles,

          throwing bread crusts

                                 to the ducks.


Giving up, keeping up, waking up

                    to Iron & Wine. Salt on scrambled eggs,

                        slurping hot chocolate dregs. Fresh dawns

                    out kitchen windows, endless

numbered days.


   Sun rays. Feet in wet sand, sinking, thinking

about what life means.


Death is worth avoiding because of these.



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