Ode To Civil Rights Movement

How can you have hate

For the color of my skin

I've done nothing wrong

Is me living life a sin

I'm a person, a human

Like each and every one of you

I've done nothing to harm

So why do the things you do

My skin tone may not

Be the way you want it to be

But I'm not going to pretend

I think I'll stick to being me

Your useless intimidation

All your laws and regulations

We should be able to speak with diction

And not feel any restriction

You can strip me of my rights

But I won't give up without a fight

A fight using nothing but the mind

Where my mind and spirit can combine

To drive out darkness, to bring out the light

To do not what is wrong, but what is right

I'm a Negro, I shall not be hated

I shall be educated, not discriminated

You intend to be respected, while there's miseducation

My people deserve those rights, no more segregation

We demand to be treated in a fair type of manner

We're not a bunch of flag toters, singing Star Spangled Banner

For a country who doesn't value us for who we are

Who would rather focus on money, sex, and cars

We will continue to fight for what is best

We shall march for we have a right to protest



Hey! This poem is amazing! In school we're studying poetry, and I was wondering if I might be able to use yours.


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