Ode to a Brownie


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Ode to a Brownie


Laboring hard in school, my

Mouth began to drool,

Thinking of my Brownie

Made schoolwork rather cruel.


Gobs of gooey chocolate

Baked right in a pan,

Cooked with creamy caramel;

Walnuts o’re it’s span


I figured I would save it

Till after lunch I ate.

For caramel and chocolate

Should be for after food you eat.


I didn’t have to worry

Of others eating it

For everyone was told by mom

They could have only one.





Dreamily waltzing down the stairs,

Taste buds in love with those brown squares,

Until beheld my sorrowful eyes,

No trace of those delicious pies.


Frantically I stormed the house

Searching for the thief –that louse -

Who dared my cocoa love to eat.

When with the start, I stopped my feet.


“Oh brother, dear,” said I to him.

(With malice coming sure)

“What’s that you’re eating now, dear sir,

That brown upon your chin”


“Was that your second, brother dear,”

(In mind, my hand was raised to kill)

“Yes,” he said, and with a rush,

Down he fell to dodge a push.


“What possessed you to eat mine.”

I screeched in misery!

“One for each”, that’s what mom said,

You veritable swine.


“I wanted it. Besides,

 Mom never stated that”

At that comment, he made me want

To turn his head into a hat.


As we continued arguing,

My mother came right in.

With tears o’er flowing, I then told her

 Of the tragedy that had passed.


When I was through my brother said,

“I never heard you say it.”

My mother only did him counsel.

Never between a girl and her chocolate, get.





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