The Oddity

Church says it's the home to broken 

when in fact it's the leader of the non spoken.

Judgment and accusations 

how the hell are you God's people??

some say free thinking is of the devil.

Some suffer a sort've brainwash 

then speak their own God given will.

but who am I to say I know better then a leader or Pastor?

when their the ones filling us with God's love 

or is that just a way to fall for a trap of lies and theives 

When one is casted out for being gay

while another for loving same.

It's like we grow a pain and break in tears

living in a church full of fears

me on the other hand?

I'm screwed in the head

thinking that God loves all

as one whole

but no I'm wrong

just told to sing a song

and maybe forget

what I think because accoriding to every preacher

free thinking is from the devil

or what is not of God is from the devil

when that is lies 

because God made the devil

just like he made all of us 

so don't tell me to believe in your God of hate

because in the end I represent my God of love. 


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