The Odd Banquet

There once was a banquet.


Many had come afar.


There were dancers, games, people doing wonders.


There was even a boy with his guitar.


The party was long


For it lasted from noon until night;


Having merry hearts,


Never wanting the music to stop


Until suddenly,


The king fell from his throne.




The guest screamed


For fret of the life of the king,


For they loved him,


Not wanting to see him go.


Though the news was assure,


Which was such injurious


The king was dead,


And the party felt curious


To whom the life of the king now owns.


Questioning eyes,


Questioning lies began, too much for just one night.


Though never knowing


The joker was the one


Who'd killed the king,


Concealing his act


In the dead of deep night


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