Oceans Away

Fri, 01/31/2014 - 20:18 -- sanan14

A girl oceans away

Crying away oceans

Absolutely perplexed at the notion

That hundreds and thousands of lives can be lost

All of them taken as if they have no cost

The slash of a neck

The gushing of blood

A body falls to the floor with a thud

White walls stained with splashes of red

What is there that remains to be said?

Smiles stolen off of faces 

Behind kids, an armed terrorist chases

Each child, for his life, races


The loss of just one is the loss of us all

But we're too self-absorbed to answer their calls

We're too drowned in sound to hear each body fall

Covering them up using our first-world problems as a shawl

Leaving them to stand and fight alone in this brawl

Ignoring the dead bodies stacked upon each other, filling halls

Powdering our faces to resemble dolls

While our brothers and sisters get their faces mauled

While our fellow humans are murdered, short or tall 

Big or small 


What can I say of our generation?

Our relationship with reality is but a flirtation

All these social networks but there's still miscommunication

We are endorsing separation 

We allow others to burn while we sit in luxurious sensation

We lay back in relaxation 

They protest in exclamation

We whine from aggravation

We taint our reputation

We've lost all self-control, given in to every temptation

We still have not come to the realization

Yes, we have yet to make the revelation

That while they feel sorrow

We feel elation

We stand tall in ostentation 

As if we are the better creation 


They die of starvation

We die from abusing medication

We ignore the truth to avoid consternation

We put their pictures up in presenations

We send those presentations out in hopes of syndication

We put the rich and famous on a pedestal in elevation

We applaud their work with a standing ovation

But our brothers and sisters go out with their lives, with a set determination

They go out in frustration

We go out in recreation


None of this is an incrimination

And if you're asking who's done what, I can't make that accusation

But when the bombs reach their time of detonation

We make only of their deaths the slightest notation

The ignorance train has left the station

And we have boarded it without hesitation

But rest assured

Don't you fret

Those shoes you wanted to buy will still be there tomorrow, I bet


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