Ocean Strong


The sunrays are beaming down, brightly illuminating the sky.

Sand keeps wiggling its way in between my toes

The waves keep swooshing and swishing 

Seagulls swoop down in flocks, in search of edible morsels. 


The wind blows through my hair

While I gaze into the horizon

With an examination of internal reflection 

The chilly tide jumps onto my feet.


Traveled miles and miles to escape the things that crushed me 

Like eroded sand--worn down.

Traveling miles does not extinguish the pain 

Though the burden on the heart will be at ease one day. 


I cannot change my story and heartache 

But I trust that everything happens for a reason.

You learn to bounce back from adversity.

You learn what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. 


Life is one big ocean

With rough, strong, engulfing waves

Which sometimes knock you down

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But through the turbulence shines your human spirit and purpose.  

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My community
Our world
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