The Ocean, My Home


United States
41° 37' 6.762" N, 70° 26' 14.064" W

The waves hit the rocks,
shifting and slapping the sand.
The seagulls no longer
singing in the band.

I walked past the fence,
past the blowing sea grass,
past the memories of beach goers,
past my future, past my past.

The waves greeted me excited,
jumping up and plunging down.
I smiled as my toes hit the wet sand.
Here I am, Here I am bound.

The wind took my jacket
and the ground, my shoes.
The air chilling my body,
nothing left to lose.

The icy water hugged me,
knowing I was finally home.
Sea grass pulling at my feet,
my limbs began to roam.

They will say I died
of the ocean, too cold.
Yet do they not know?
I ran from their rumors, too old.

They will lay me down
in the ground, my new home.
But, my heart lies somewhere else,
under the sand, covered in sea foam.


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