Ocean Eyes


United States
47° 18' 6.1092" N, 111° 21' 6.4476" W

I’m lost somewhere at sea. I’m somewhere no one will ever find me. He has me locked in limbo, trapped in time. I’m drowning in his ocean eyes. He’s real, he’s here, he grounds me. He’s rescuing me, forcing out the painful memories that have been choking me for so long. He’s breathing life into me. It’s life so pure that when I close my eyes, I see colorful, exploding harmonies. He makes the melody in my head sweeter; he makes everything click into place. I’m tipsy from his voice, dizzy from his touch. My world has shifted revolution and he’s the axis on which a lot now turns. He isn’t quite everything, but he reminds me what’s still good in the world. He tells me why I shouldn’t run and hide. He isn’t my escape, but he makes it so much sweeter. I’ve found the space between. I understand the words now. He is the laughter that keeps me coming back for more.


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