The Ocean

I can change like the flip of a dime
I am unaffected by the ravages of time
I can be unforgiving, unbelievably cruel
But I can also be the most gentle, you know
I can confuse you, make you look like a fool
Or I can help you to where you'd like to go
I am your worst enemy and your best friend
With me, you can prosper or meet your end
I have good moods and bad times just like the rest
The spontaneous feeling is the one I know best
I am fury and I am peace
I can be a kitten or an untamed beast
I have the capacity to make you laugh and cry
If you want my opposite, try 'dry'
I will destroy and then rebuild
My friends are creatures both spiky and frilled
I am ominous, and still clear as a bell
Like a siren, one can fall under my spell
I'll live on 'til the end of the world
Although I'm not sure when that'll be
I am my own entity; I answer to no one
I'm the very definition of 'free'.


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