This Ocean

I've always said the sound of your voice could tear me to pieces,

But I haven't heard you speak for days

And now every piece of me is slowly washing away.

Losing myself in your silence, 

And each breath I take I pray

That this ocean is sailing the pieces to you.


I cant see anything beautiful around me anymore.

I cant see the flowers through the memory of you closing the door.

My heart is beating differently lately,

And hidden in between the lines, you'll see I've said it explicitly.

I've never been good with words

But cant you see it? 

Cant you feel it?


I'm wrapped up in your old gray sweater

To make it through this stormy weather.

And I'll go to sleep wearing you

So that I can pretend that you dream of me too.

I close my eyes and a tear falls,

The phone hasn't rang and you still haven't called.

My heart breaks with each word that I dont get to say.


We both say that we're confused

But you won't talk it through.

You're scared the truth will break you,

The silence is breaking you too.

I know it's not over, it can't be.

Just hold me close the way you do

So I know I am safe with you.

I'll hear your chest confess the words you'll never say.

You don't have to say it.


Tonight, tonight we'll let it go

Just like the song you wrote

That wasn't long ago.

Spin me around in your arms beneath our stars

And we'll be forever

Like a dream




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