I’ve been dealing with my emotions

I still see you in my dreams.

So far out like I’m in the ocean,

I feel like I’m carried by drones.

I think about the time we spent

and I can’t take it anymore

Our souls collide like a current.

I hope you’re at my front door

I’m reaching out and so bent

I’m almost falling to the floor


Do you still search for me,

the way I search for you?

I’m just going to let it be,

Whatever happens will fall through.


I’m stuck roaming the clouds

Could these feelings be true?

Got me thinking out loud

and wondering of your beauty

I only see you in crowds.

If these feelings are false just sue me

I’d be guilty of loving you,

And you’ll have me looking like a fool

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Pride Ed

Very relatable. This poem resonates with me.

Although this is an okay poem, I feel as though you concentrated too
much on the rhyme scheme. While rhyming is good, it distracts younger
writers from improving details and discriptions in the poem. Show the emotion,
don't tell.

Keep writing!!!


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