Obstacles Are Only Temporary

There was once a day where I could run free
And dance all I want with nothing to stop me
Then one day when I received bad news
I was afraid it would stop me from what I love to do
To run, to leap, to dance like a normal child
Was all I really wanted for a while
Instead I felt like a trapped animal inside of a cage
With emotions only of sadness and rage
As I walked, people would laugh and stare
I couldn't hide it no matter what I decided to wear
Despite all the awkwardness and humiliation
I decided I needed to overcome my frustration
I continued to dance when I could take it off
And did what I loved no matter who wanted to scoff
I found new friends who supported me
And I finally began to feel free
Despite my setbacks I tried and I tried
And for the World Championships I qualified
I regained faith in myself and soon the day came
Where I no longer had to wear this with shame
I was free to go and move as I please
And do what I love with much more ease
Although I am glad I no longer have to wear this brace
I will never forget how I overcame the obstacles I faced
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