Oblivious of my Surroundings

  Pitch black. Nothing could be seen for blocks. Petrified of what could be seen ahead of the not knowing. The slick road causes me to loose balance and fall into the dark abyss; that the asphalt has created. Left with scrapes, cuts, and bruises that  will haunt me when I grow older. Dazed from what just happened I began to  look around seeking for a savior.  Then a few cars pass by and their head lights create an image of a  slim women running. That has been running in front of me the whole time  and has been running for her entire life. She has ran non-stop until now...  She just stands and waits... in silence looking at my direction. She begins to speak and says "Get up! What are you doing? It's not over yet. We're almost there."  I wipe away the panic and tears then begin to run. A grin begins to rise from my face. I have control and now have clarity of my surroundings. When I catch up to her  

the light disappears... and so does she.  

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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