The Oblivious Chompers

There’s one sight that’s a fright to be seen,

A gap between sane and insanity.  

It’s hard to ignore but can be adored,

If someone you love is rubbing the grub.

Their mouth is wide open, they’re ready to pound;

Then down with a crash, there’s more time to smash.

Their grin of delight, a smile so bright

But inside your head, a mechanical plight:

All you can see is rice and green beans

A mash up of wonder, but a horrible scene!

Their mouth is a monster, anything but clean

They are munching their food to a yellowish green.

Chunks fly out, like they are fighting a war,

And all that’s in sight are mashed pieces galore.

Oh, there’s no more, the food has been vanquished

But all thoughts of the end seem to be outlandish

What more can I say that would not be unseen

Oh, but another forkful goes in, but of rice and sardines! 


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