"Oblivion" (inspired by John Green's The Fault In Our Stars)

One day the world will cease to exist,

A cataclysmic ending,

Better known as the apocalypse,

The planet's status forever pending,

Some say it will be fire,

Some say it will be water,

That the tides will rise higher,

That meteors will surround earth,

Some say it will be disease,

A huge epidemic,

Turning us into zombies,

Filling the clinic,

Scientists believe global warming may be the cause,

The same force that killed the dinosaurs,

Causing our lives to forever pause,

And humanity to be no more,

It's hard to fathom not existing,

No longer anticipating the promise of tomorrow,

All the days will go missing,

And memories drenched in sorrow,

So it's not hard to understand,

Why the people are in panic,

For everything to come to an end,

The Earth no longer a 'perfect' planet,

I fear oblivion,

And I understand your obscenities,

One day the world will come to an end,

And with it, all our infinities



This poem is about: 
Our world


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