I don’t understand.

There was a flame within her that danced endlessly creating a ferocious aura of sunshine.

From different perspectives they would be drawn into this feeling of joy and light.


But what happened.

As time passed, her light dimmed and the flame danced less.

Constant rain and endless wind developed obstructions that she could not conquer.


She was confused.

She fought.

Yet she became lost in her own thought.


I don’t understand.

How could one who was once so radiant become so dull?

The flame that was once a raging fire soon dwindled down to just slight flicker of hope.


They didn’t know what to do.

But she didn’t know either.


A revival was needed.

The fire had to become what it once was.

But how?


She was on a path to a darker place.

A place where no one should be.


Lost in oblivion.


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