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The mad scramble in my body
To do anything, to be anything
Other than what You say-
Its enough to rip me to pieces.
Some days I try breathing
And all that comes out is moaning
Peculiar, ragged groaning,
As I try and fight with You.
Why can't we do it my way?
Why can't we play it safe?
Why does it have to be YOUR WAY?
Can't we just once follow me?

But...if we follow me...
Then cowardice will rise.
If we walk by my light
We'll be walking blind.
I raise my face to heaven.
I stare to find Your eyes
Is this what you wanted me to see,
That obedience to only me,
Will end in disaster, see,
So I must follow You.

I laid my life down once for You
But You're giving it away piece by piece
A smidge here, a chunk there,
No more my life
Its Your's to share
As You please.
My life does not belong to me.

Oh God I walked the road today
I gave myself away.
Not more backsliding
No more hiding,
Obedience does not depend on me,
On what I want
On what I think.
Certainly You listen to me,
Its just You know better than me,
And You do what You know is needed,
So while I'm out and bleeding,
I walk in obedience to You
Here I am Lord,
Send me.


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