O Mother, Where Art Thou?

Sat, 04/02/2016 - 12:58 -- klacour

All alone in a lonely space.



Sitting here with nothing but my own thoughts rushing through my mind as if they were a silent hurricane.

I long for a familair hymn.

A beautiful song sung by a beatuiful voice.

I look for it in the crashing of the tidal waves as they wake me from my sleep.

I look for it in the warmth of the rising sun as it creeps it's way up my naked back.

I look for it in the eyes of the fish that manage escape my speare.

Some may not understand my goal.

Some may even tell me that I should enjoy the silence.

But it is the voice of my mother that I long to hear.

The sound of her slippers slidding aganist the hard wood floor as she watches T.V. in her padded rocking chair, while eating her half burnt microwave meal.

The sound of her too loud out of tune singing as the preacher shouts glory be to God.

The sound of her reassuring voice after something bad has happened.

Well this is something bad.

I am hurt, and I am down.

My own voice shattered by the two ton weight of nothingness.

Where are you!

I ask not even for your whole pressence, just the mere sound of your voice!

Waiting for you to say shhh.

It's okay.

I'm here now.







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