O' Merica


My brown colored skin was never considered competition,

Instead it's laughed at behind closed doors,

Growing up I often wondered,

Quite often actually,

What people died to come here for,

Because it's the home of the free right.?, 

The land of the brave.?, 

How about defeat for the weak.?,

And anything not white still a slave,


You broke my heart so long ago,

But like a battered woman,

I can't lave you,

You're all that I know,

 And just like that woman,

I just pray and I hope,

That you'd change before you die,

Left here,

Trapped by your soul,


Don't let me down,

Let me grow old,

Bring your heart out,

Equalize us all,


Don't let us fall


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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