" O Journey "

" O Journey "
'O journey! 'O journey! Where are you going?
Why are you so blowing?
So strange are you,
From place to place, sometimes in a queue.

'O journey! O journey! Why you come
Sudden and separate?
What is your exact date?
So fast as you lead,
No one could chase your speed.

'O journey!'O journey! What beautiful you are?
We love you all even some may call.
Come so late,
before we say you a great.

'O journey! 'O journey! What is your aim?
We shall remember you in a dream.
The Way we love your essence,
So you will give us a presence.

'O journey! 'O journey! Why are you sleeping?
The whole world is weeping.
Came again it is a wish, we will all join
You with a dish.

' O journey! 'O journey! What will you give,
If we say goodbye to you.
Show us a good way
Until we say.

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Our world
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