O, Hear My Humble Cry


United States
33° 22' 51.2544" N, 79° 20' 7.044" W

I am that little girl living in that little hole.
Insides oozing out of me, insects creeping into my soul.
Moans and cries nightly and daily, accepting my punishment, vulnerable…..gravely.
All I have ever known is pain, no one ever to intervene.
I have seen things that would make another man cry, it haunts me…the things that I have seen.
O….o….o…I cry so loudly but the world only looks down on me, sends pity…gives me the hand.
We are left to fend for ourselves on this dry land.
I feel I am worth no more than a grain of salt hidden in the sand.
Must I search into my younger siblings’ eyes only to find the horrifying pain of hunger? Must I witness their swollen bellies?
Filled with doubt that we will make it out of this drought….alive…
I am afraid but I will strive to survive….yes I will strive
“Destiny!” I hear in my head so clear my name, my name, but I fear.
Sadness is in this place….sad and queer
My people, my people succumbing, aids rising, my people are losing the battle against death.
And this death…does not discriminate; it sucks the life out of all, even an innocent baby’s breath.
“Destiny!” “I’m coming”… I call
I slowly rise and begin to crawl, crawl into the heart of the camp
Weakened by the unbearable stench of death yet I continue on like a champ



I liked that. That was pretty cool. Right On!

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