O' Great America

I'll pin this flag and say real proud,

O’ great America!

Hail the red, white, and blue!

This country was conceived on freedom

And from it grows me and you.


O’ great America!

Your lands stretch near and wide!

Never have I seen a country

With such in-dubious pride.


O’ great America!

Where black and whites can share a shake!

But beware when a redneck comes forth

With his evident pinnacle face.


O’ great America!

No matter for prolonged stares—

When boyfriends walk hand-in-hand

From their apartment stairs.


O’ great America!

Where the old cease to die!

I wait in their shadows patiently

For my day and time to shine.


O’ great America!

Where education has its price!

Race, money, intelligence—

To labels we owe our fatal vice.


O’ great America!

Let me take the reigns!

Someday in great glorification

I will be screaming your name!

This poem is about: 
Our world


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