O Captain, my Captain

O Captain, my Captain

Keep me from harm

Red, white, and blue

Versus Hitler’s strong arm

Concentric circles

Surrounding your star

Against Hydra henchmen

And beings from a far


O Captain, my Captain

Pilot my boat

Against Davy Jones

Please keep us afloat

Though mermaids beguile

With fearsome beauty

I know your true loves

Are rum and the sea


O Captain, my Captain

Fighting Cybermen

Even if you’re deleted

You’ll still breathe again

Against mighty Daleks

You stand proud and true

Though I know you’re eyeing

The Doctor too


O Captain, my Captain

Fly my through space

To a bold new horizon

Meet an alien race

Swaggering, cocky

In captain’s bright gold

I hope that you’ll prosper

And live ‘til you’re old


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