o america can you explain ?

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O great america                                                         

we fight for                                                                                                          

This  beautiful disaster                                      

An unfinished symphony                                        

we survive and thrive                                          

Searching for equality                                                                                

O america can you explain?



O america filled with different people                 

no one is the same                                             

Living here gives pride we seek                         

still we act deaf                                                  

chains rocking back and forth on that ship             

gun shot of people getting hit                               

whips burn and rip                                                  

Ghosts never return.                                             

Hiding from screams of abuse.                           

yet democracy thrives                                         

O america you crave attention                             

You want more still you need.                           

You lead a coward to power                                

Thinking he is the law                                      

Black men blamed                                           

Segregation ended in 1954.                             

still we act divided                                          

People are out here dying                                 

Over being different                                       

O america can you explain ?  



Our coward is trying to build a wall                   

To keep everyone out                                       

Which use to be somewhere to come          

 wanting freedom.                                       

Something we got not long ago                   

They have different values                                

That makes them weird                            

They don’t speak good english  

That makes them dumb

O america  can you explain? 



Schools became a battle field 

Loud noise replace with gunshots 

Cries roaring over the school

Kid goes in 

won’t come back so soongetting guns for free in the FL juuling in school mess up lungs bullying in school       got kids killing themselves                                           

kids studying 

only for one test 

O america can you explain ?



Pride so many have it 

It has so many different meanings 

pride in yourself 

For being what makes you

But some have a problem with you

Because you dress and act differently

That makes you crazy 

1991, Sonia Rescalvo Zafra

45 yr old woman

Beat to death for being trans

2016 pulse nightclub

Mass shooting killed 49

O America can you explain ?



2019 and we are no longer the same

more rights still nothing changed

only to act like animals

taste and feel freedom everyday

America as beautiful as we seem

We no longer have the dream 

fighting for this country 

gets tired some   

 Living in america 

gets frighten some 

america what we doing 

we stand for unjustice system

O america can you explain?

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My country


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