Nuclear Words

Sleep, hush, dont make a peep, this foolishness of acceptence is causing my will to seep.


The day is cold and the night is warm, while the will of those who you swear your allegence to are at odds, making it almost feel like war.


Two nuclear reactors ready to explode from their own peant up agression, yet somehow sane enough to sheild you from their tension.


The bombs dropping cause you to be in the crossfire, you feel the radiation of involvement as the events transpire.


You try to escape the blast radius but the ground you stand on is radiated, radiated with the hatred that they created.


You were not intended to be a test subject but slowly but surely you were the test site, meant to endure the pure hatred and spite.


Today isnt the launch day, just the test, but already the bombs of words are felt through your mind and your chest.


Day after day failed experiments, but not good enough, still tensions rise, no matter how much change is done none would sufice.


You cave in from the weakened land you stand on, now your a trench, of which the radiated emotions will carry on.


This is my world war, this strife from the people that I feel like ive angered, they say it wasnt me but inside my reputation is slandered.


You can call me japan because throughout the bombs of evil i still forgive and forget because the words are meaningless and febel.


But in an instant the bombs go off, destructive in nature, and just like that its over, the life once desired now just an idea thats gone and transpired.


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My family
Our world
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