Nowhere But Up

Science is an explanation

            To the ways of the world

And the inner workings of nature.

            A system for everything.

It all works this way, or that,

            Together, in perfect harmony.


Math is a calculation.

            The perfect equation for life.

Because the whole of Earth has a symmetry about it

            That shows it’s meant to be

As lively and lovely

            As every day you will learn.


History is the excavation.

            An unraveling of all that’s come before,

Why things happened the way they did,

            And what’s to come.

The future will be determined

            By the past and the present.


Language is understanding.

            It brings us all together,

Where we can speak of our lives

            And share our struggles.

Even when we don’t speak aloud,

            Our actions can speak for themselves.

Knowing by the dip of your shoulders,

            How you feel at a glance.


Knowledge is power.

            Everything I will need,

To take me where I want to be,

            Will be in my mind.

Knowledge will be my greatest weapon.

            When people stand over me and tell me

That I am nothing and will amount to nothing,

            I will be able to stand up and show them

That I am better

            Because knowledge is beauty and power.


Contempt will be their downfall.

            As I rise into the sky,

With the world on my shoulders

            And my head held high,

Not letting the burden of judgement

            Bring me back down. 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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