Now YOU Meditate

Wed, 09/03/2014 - 15:22 -- A.Mitch


They say meditations the best sedation

So I recline my seat and fall in a beat til i evaporate

Trouble on my Mind, my debit cards decline, but silly me

What the hell I'm doing in restaurants all the time, I'm really cheap

Distant loving my parents

Phyisical distance apparent

The life I shouldn't be sharing

But love the fact you try to compare my life to yours fam

So try and keep a smile in front of your drunken abusive uncle at age 12 before you hit that floor fam

No hard feelings but hard feelings remain

And yall complain on Twitter one of your followers never change

Yea you got it rough

As oppose to these kids searching for homes

Homes turn into weed as they Rome in these alleys with dark Caesars

They say meditations the best sedation

Control your actions like janet jackson on rhythm nation

When trouble happens I just stick to my classes

Listen to sermons and burn the burdens concerned by the lower learners


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