Now What?


Water flowing from my eyes- 

I close the door and lock it


Somewhere in the closet


Under the bed by that old guitar-

You used to play for me

Now just look how far

We've gotten from the world we knew

Since you left me.

You said you'd always be my angel

You know I don't believe in them

Is this your way of lying?

You said it wouldn't hurt thid bad

When you left the world,

Memories of you start making my head hurt. 


You showed me how to live my life  

With only good decisions

Your smile always seemed to push 

Away my blurry visions.

I close my eyes and think of you-

Put the razor down and breathe, 

Just like you taught me 

I drown myself in your love

And all that used to be 

My eyes open and I'm staring through the glass-

See the world around me,

FREE I feel at last

I know there are angels now 

And I know which one is mine

As I glance at your picture,

tears of joy flood the sky. 



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