for now


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if it’s a problem for you

(although i don’t completely understand why,

as i’ve agreed to abide by your

relationship expectations)

we can stop seeing each other


you’re projecting-

that’s how you would handle it,

by running,

by escaping the situation

but we are not the same


we are both scared

it’s not just you


i don’t want you to feel this way

and i don’t want to feel this way


you will have to trust me

a horrifying concept for both of us


and eventually we will leave each other


not today

and that’s okay, it’s the merit of the experience


if you’re looking for someone to spend your life with,

i mean for you to mean






that’s not me


but i want to be with you

while it is working

you and i

want different things and

we see the world differently


but that doesn’t mean

we can’t work

for now


so what do you want?

to go to sleep and wake up

four months from now

with all the answers in front of you?

you’d miss so much


figure it out and

let me know


i’m here if you want

for now


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