Darkness, darkness, why do you love me so?

I beg you to leave, yet you will not go.

I dig in my nails, jagged and frail,

To the bed I’m stuck, to no avail,

Pulling my hardest to cause myself to rise

From the agony I’ve been feeling, outcries

From deep in my anguished soul.

Despite those times I might feel unwhole,

I thank you, it’s odd, I know.

Without you I wouldn’t have experienced

How life is about resilience.

No matter the circumstance I find myself in,

You’ve taught me how strong my heart has been.

I stand tall when you want to tear me down,

I grow, you have become my mentor now.

WIthout you, the violets wouldn’t smell as sweet,

I wouldn’t know the joy of simply dancing down the street.

You’ve taught me to learn, expand my mind,

For each and every time you’ve kept me in a bind

And I couldn’t release myself from your restraints,

Education is what I know I can attain.

Community too, for each friend

Has caused you to bend.

So thank you, darkness, for causing me

To learn to live in the times without you so freely.



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