now this?

firts your here

first you love me

first your mine


than i left

i left our life

our happiness

i left you


i hurt us

i hurt you

i saw the pain you had

 i saw the anger

i saw the heart brake


next we got better

our friendship strong

you were here again

than as if it was a dream you left again


i hurt this time

i didnt understand

i didnt want you gone for ever

was it to hurt me

did it hurt you



later when i was better

when i could breath with out a huge weight on myself

you wanted it back

you wanted us back


how can i just take you back

knowing that at any minute you could not want me again

how can i let you in

how can you wnat me now

whats so different than befor

what makes it good now

why do you lie


why do i sit here at night running my brain about you wondering about all the things you did wrong to me and still just wanting to be in your arms,

to feel your kiss

to feel your love...


why do i hurt myself with your words of love and let them sink in thinking some time you could love me like you did befor like i was only yours.

why did you say you stoped

why do i look at this page like it will give me answers when i know its just empty...



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