A novel romance

Judging you by your cover I checked you out

but your story was like a song I couldn't get out of my head .


Your words wrap me in warmth like a wool blanket, sheltering me from the harsh reality.


You never complain about where we go, because you take me everywhere,

transporting me into worlds like Narnia, Oz, or just New York.

Pulling me in so deep not even the minotaurs’ string can get me out.


The face I look at every time I see you Is not the one i think of when I remember you.


Once you were young and perfect and I knew nothing about you

the twist and turns you took me on left me breathless.


Now you are old and wrinkled, falling apart at the touch of my hands.

I know you inside and out, every choice you make, every person you meet,

there is nothing that can surprise me, except for how much my love has grown.


Every time I hold onto you, promising that you are the only one I will ever want.

Until you end, and I move on.

But someday I will remember, someday I will bring you back to life

I will open your skin and jumpstart the story once again

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